A Bugatti Chiron For Sale

The Bugatti Chiron isn’t just the ultimate car, it’s a $3 million work of art that can pummel pavement like no other. Its bespoke exterior design features the C-shaped motif that carries through to the interior cabin, where fine materials and jewellike switchgear make up this opulent space that coddles the driver and passenger. It’s no surprise that the Chiron has become one of the most desirable vehicles ever created.

Originally built in 2018, this pristine example was one of only 500 produced. It was specced in Nocturne Black over a Beluga Black leather interior and optioned with carbon sport seats, a full-body paint-protection film, and a variety of other upgrades. Those extras push the price tag to just over $3.6 million.

Steve Wilk of YouTube’s Cars And Coffee bought this particular Chiron at auction with a reserve of $2.7 million. He’s since stripped the vehicle of its unique pink wrap and had it repainted back to factory color, as well as having some minor body damage repaired. Then, he shipped it to Florida for the auction where he tried his best to get it close to its reserve. However, it wasn’t to be. This Chiron will now return to his home in Chicago where he’ll use it regularly. He’s already drag-raced it against a 2,000-hp Nissan GTR and drifted around parking lots while doing donuts.

While driving the Chiron tamely is an experience in and of itself, letting its 1,600-horsepower engine unleash its might is a truly unforgettable event. It can do zero to 60 mph in 2.3 seconds and hit 261 mph. And if that’s not enough, there’s always the Chiron Super Sport 300+, which can reach speeds of up to 483 mph.

Steve has also posted some videos of him taking the Chiron out on the racetrack, where it proves that it is every bit as agile as its looks and stature suggest. And he has a lot of fun with it, too. He’s even been known to take the Chiron out in the snow for a joyride.

It may be impossible to divorce a Bugatti from its price tag and rarity, but when you sit behind the wheel of this magnificent machine, it’s easy to forget that for a moment. And that’s the reason you buy or lease one in the first place, right.. bugatti chiron for sale

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