Baby Seat Taxi Melbourne

The laws around baby seat taxi melbourne vary between states and territories. In NSW, it is against the law for children under one to ride in a taxi without a car seat, while in Queensland and Western Australia, kids must sit on their parents’ laps or wear a seatbelt. However, in South Australia, it isn’t a legal requirement for taxis to provide child seats, so parents need to bring their own.

All taxis must be fitted with at least one point where the straps of a child restraint can be attached, although they aren’t required to carry them or supply them to passengers. Some taxi services have their own child seats, and others will install one for a small fee. It’s always worth contacting a company to check whether they have a suitable seat before you book.

In addition, some Uber drivers offer child car seats for an additional charge. This service, known as ‘Baby on Board’, is operated by Uber partner Baby Bunting, and drivers offering car seats have attended a training course with the retailer to learn how to correctly install them. Other drivers offer the service through a separate business, including women-only rideshare company Shebah, which offered car seats for children for an extra $9.99 per trip.

Chauffeur Link offers chauffeured car services with child restraints, which are fitted and installed by an accredited child seat installer. All chauffeurs have a working with children check and police clearance. The chauffeurs can arrange properly harnessed child seats for children up to the age of seven years. baby seat taxi melbourne

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