Benefits of an EBPP Solution for Utility Billing Services

Utility bills are an ongoing expense that many customers can’t avoid, and late payments often result in costly penalties or even service shutoffs. That’s why the ability to offer a variety of payment options within a single management platform is a critical benefit for utility billing services.

With the right EBPP solution, utility customers can pay bills through online portals, mobile apps, IVR, and more – all with a seamless, consistent experience. This helps utility companies increase adoption of payment methods and speed up the revenue cycle by minimizing the number of customer calls, emails, and texts.

The key to reducing operational costs for utility payments is eliminating manual data entry from your business processes. With AvidUtility, you can get a full suite of tools to help with this, including missing bill management, exception resolution, and payment follow-up services. This enables you to remove time-consuming workflows from your day-to-day operations, and free up valuable resources to focus on other important aspects of your business.

A key feature for utility payment services is the ability to support recurring ACH payments. This allows utility providers to automatically collect payment on a customer’s behalf, ensuring that no payment is missed. During the payment process, a digital transaction is far safer than a physical check because there is no chance for it to be lost in transit or exposed to malicious activity. Payments made through a digital platform are also processed faster than checks, so your customers can save money on interest and service fees while your utility company can reduce its operating costs. utility payment solution

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