Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth is the wireless technology that allows a headset to connect to your phone and other devices. It is a simple process and most headsets come with instructions for connecting to a device. In addition, the manufacturer’s website will often have troubleshooting and information articles specific to that model.

Some headphones come with a button that will allow you to answer calls without touching the phone. Some models also have Siri or other voice technology built in.

Other features to look for include a codec that supports high-quality audio, fast pairing, and other conveniences. There are also Bluetooth earphones that have noise cancellation, allowing you to focus on work or enjoy soothing sounds while you sleep.

Most bluetooth headsets will pair with any device that supports Bluetooth. However, a few headsets have a proprietary transmitter that only pairs with the device they are designed to use. Bluetooth technology has the benefit of not requiring a special transmitter and is compatible with any modern smartphone.

The only drawback to bluetooth headsets is that they tend to have lower reliability than wired headphones, especially in crowded environments with other Bluetooth devices or Wi-Fi interference. However, these headphones are becoming more reliable over time and most people prefer the convenience of not having to deal with the tangled wires and constant cords that accompany traditional wired headphones.

Many bluetooth headsets have a battery that can be replaced when it runs out, which is helpful if you need to be on the go for long periods of time. The majority of these headphones will need a special charger to replenish the battery, but there are some that have a micro USB port for easy charging.

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