​​​​​​Boiling and Chilled Water Tap

Whether you’re cooking pasta, making up baby bottles or simply wanting a cup of hot tea after a long day, a Boiling and chilled water tap is the ultimate kitchen convenience. Powered by an under bench boiler tank, they offer instant boiling and fresh, filtered water at the turn of a lever. Available in a wide range of finishes to suit your contemporary kitchen, these 4-in-1 taps will transform your home and your lifestyle.

Our mechanical Vitoria and Calisto 3-in-1 filtered boiling and chilled water tap series are available with either a high U- or C-shaped spout in a sleek Italian design, making them suitable for many kitchen styles. Unlike a standard tap, these models incorporate the boiling and chilled water function into a single unit with their own separate under counter boiler, so they can be installed anywhere there is a power outlet and water supply. They’re also much more compact than traditional taps, meaning they can fit into tight spaces.

They’re also easier to maintain than their electrical counterparts, as there are fewer moving parts. The only thing you’ll need to replace regularly is a filter cartridge, which can be bought online and fitted easily.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, we have a number of 3-in-1 filtered boiling and ambient water taps in our range. The Qettle for example is one of the most affordable options on the market and offers true 100degC boiling water, filtered drinking water and regular hot and cold water.

The other big advantage of a boiling and chilled water tap is that they offer you the opportunity to make your own hot drinks instantly. It’s no secret that keeping hydrated is important for good health, but sometimes the thought of boiling a kettle can detract from your motivation to get a drink. But with a boiling and chilled tap, you can be making a quick cup of tea or coffee in no time at all – so it’s much more likely you’ll keep hydrated throughout the day!

Another benefit is that these taps are much more energy efficient than traditional kettles. They’re designed to be as eco-friendly as possible and most brands will include a self-learning timer that monitors your daily usage habits (including evening and weekend patterns) and turns itself off when you’re not at home. Most will also use less electricity than a regular tap, and some even use innovative heat exchange or energy reclaim technology to further reduce their environmental footprint.

Lastly, many of our taps feature a child lock for added safety. This works by requiring two buttons to unlock the spout and can be locked with a simple spring mechanism, so you know your family is safe from accidental scalding.

Our best-selling Quantum 4-in-1 filtered boiling and chilled water tap is a stylish solution that provides unbeatable functionality in a single kitchen appliance. You’ll never need to boil a kettle or hunt around the fridge for cold or hot water again, and you’ll save money on electricity and gas as well as eliminate your plastic waste.

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