Branson Or Bust!

Remember those old “California or Bust” bumper stickers.

Boy that is timing myself as those were the days of the old route 66 era. Yes I traveled to California in my first and only new car along route 66.

Well California isn’t what it used to be and neither is route 66 in fact my then new car had a bad engine in it and I had to replace it before I sold it. Disney Land is now getting ready for a face lift and even the Florida Disney World is needing updating.

While all this is going on Branson is just laying back in it’s Ozark Mountain Country setting just doing it’s thing. Oh ya there is a lot of new construction going on and several new shopping malls going up and even the new Branson Convention Center and Hotel situated on the edge of the huge Branson Landing development. But what Branson is really all about is not changing and that is the fact that Branson is well known as “The Live Show Capitol of the World.”

There are over 50 theaters in town showing over 100 shows on a regular basis. In these shows is the finest group of entertainers and musicians in the nation and even the world. That is when you look at the Chinese Acrobats and Yakov from Russia. Would you believe that there are more theater seats in Branson than in NYC.

Branson is probably the best kept vacation destination in the country and it lays within 500 miles of over half of the nations population. Show tickets are only a fraction of those in NYC or Las Vegas and the same for Lodging prices.

The outdoor sports are too numerous to mention such as fishing, kayaking, tubing, canoeing, boating, water skiing, diving, swimming, hiking, camping, hunting, trail riding etc.

The Ozark Mountain Country folks are so nice and helpful the regulars just keep coming back time and again. The great variety of places to eat and their friendly staffs will surely give you a stay you will not soon forget.

The new Branson Airport now has nonstop flights in all four directions to make your trip easier and quicker. They don’t have route 66 but they do have route 65 and with the new added lanes and traffic improvements it is a whiz to get around. Oh Ya I better admit that there hasn’t been any improvements on the 76 Country Music Highway because that stretch of road we all know is called the “strip” and it would destroy the ambiance of the town to make it into a super highway but what they have done in improve alternate routes on either side of it to move traffic along much quicker.

How do I know all this-Well? I have been coming to Branson for over 20 years and have lived there for over 5 years. I have seen many changes but the important thing is that Branson has not changed what really made it famous and that is it’s “down home country feeling. asurion customer service

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