Dometic and Norcold Replacement Cooling Units

The cooling units in most RV refrigerators are a simple, low maintenance appliance that provides years of reliable service. Unfortunately, they do sometimes fail. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-timer, the last thing you want is a fridge that’s out of commission on your next camping trip!

Thankfully, there’s a simple fix for these problems: a new rv refrigerator cooling unit! Ozark makes high quality Dometic and Norcold replacement cooling units that are designed to be tough enough for the rigors of the outdoors. Our unique rebuilding process uses heavier wall seamless tubing and a boiler design that’s not as susceptible to thermal stress. This results in a cooling unit that’s much less likely to rupture in the boiler, causing that telltale yellow residue and ammonia smell.

When installing a new Norcold or Dometic refrigerator cooling unit, it’s important to take great care not to make any mistakes that could damage the fridge. First, great care must be taken to seal the evaporator foam pack into the pocket. Some cooling units include instructions that recommend using thermal mastic to fill the pocket. Do not follow these instructions, as this mastic is a good conductor of heat, and can cause the fridge to overheat during operation.

It’s also critical to install the correct thermostatic switch on the new refrigeration system. The original thermostatic switches are mounted on the top of the evaporator. These can easily be replaced with a patented rv refrigerator fan control from ARP that’s designed to mount on the evaporator, and mounts the thermostatic switches to the rear of the new cooling unit. This allows the new fans to start sucking the heat out of the fridge hours sooner, improving the efficiency of the refrigerator. norcold cooling units

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