Eye Makeup For Sparkling Eyes

Asian beauties have lovely, sexy and seductive eyes that many makeup artists from around the world love to paint. The right eye make up can really make them look dreamy and alluring. Some tips for a perfect Asian eye makeup:

• Eye shadow colours such as taupe, shimmery white, charcoal Grey makes Asian eyes look gorgeous. Especially if you have a porcelain skin, then almost every colour will suit you.

• How should your brows be done? Well-groomed brows and fill in the brows with an eye brow pencil one shade lighter than your original hair colour. Draw you brows in such a way as to create an arch and fill in the sparse space.

• Give a wash of a light colour eye shadow over your entire lid. Then softly line your upper and lower lash line with a kohl or kajal. You may also use a liquid eyeliner. A thin line of blue eyeshadow over the black eyeliner will beautifully pop out your eyes.

• Asian eyes have characteristically spike lashes. So an eyelash curler and mascara is a must have in every Asian girls vanity.

Smokey eyes look good with almost every eye shape. But there are some basic golden rules to follow when doing smokey eye makeup.

• Always apply a base to your eyelids for the colour to stay intact for a longer time.

• Whenever you do smokey eyes never apply foundation or under eye concealer before eye makeup. As smokey eyes are usually dark, the dark eyeshadow particles will fall on your face ruining the rest of your makeup.



• Apply the darkest colour eye shadow all over the lid and crease, depending upon the shape of your eye and the look you want to get. If you want to make round eyes look longer, apply dark eye shadow color in the crease and blend it upward and outward toward the brow bone.

• As for the eyeliner, when doing smokey eyes, apply liner along the full length of your upper lash line and only 3/4Th’s of your lower lash starting from the outer corner.

pink eye makeup looks feminine and gives you a chic image. But its always better if the eye make up is a bit shimmery or sparkling.

• When you wear a pink eyeshadow makeup, don’t just limit it to the lid, draw it a little on the outer corner making a V-shape. ithmid kohl

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