Feld Fire Offers the Best Portable Fire Pump

Whether you need a low or high volume fire pump to pressurize your fire suppression system, Feld Fire has what you need. Our extensive collection of portable pumps includes a wide variety of capacities, capabilities and water capacity to ensure that you have the right fire fighting tool on hand for any situation.

KSB fire pumps are engineered to be reliable and efficient, even under the toughest operating conditions. Their cutting-edge design, diverse product portfolio, energy-efficient solutions, and global customer support network have positioned them as a trusted partner in fire protection.

Our top quality American made fire pumps and hose reel mobile cart systems are the perfect choice for protecting your property in wildfire situations. They are powered by a dependable Honda motor and come with standard electric start, fire department grade gated wye valve, dual hose outputs, 50 feet of 1-inch or 1 1/2-inch fire hose and a large gas tank.

The Rosenbauer FOX and FOX S portable pumps have been designed for extreme operating conditions and feature low weight, compact dimensions and easy operation. The BEAVER and OTTER models also offer excellent performance with their powerful BRP Rotax or Briggs & Stratton engines. With a wide range of accessories, these robust and reliable pumps can be easily adapted to your needs. For example, the VERSAX portable fire pump features a wrap-around frame for greater protection and easier carrying. It is ideal for use on ATVs and as a fire truck slip-on unit. best portable fire pump

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