Grip Socks Manufacturer

Grip socks manufacturer is an industry-leading sock company that offers customization to fit any lifestyle. From cozy socks that make sleepy Saturdays even more snuggle-worthy to grippy workout socks to help you find your balance on the yoga mat, we can create custom non-slip bottoms that will keep your feet happy and safe during any activity. Our private label grip socks can be customized with your own brand logo and silicone printing for a unique presentation ready to sell.

Gripping socks have long been a popular item for people who love exercise, especially those who do yoga or Pilates, as they can be used to increase the contact area between the foot and the sock sole, so that the person’s center of gravity becomes more stable, and the anti-skid effect is more obvious. Moreover, the use of these grip socks can also be a good choice for amusement parks or trampoline parks, as it will limit the spread of bacteria in the shoes, and will protect the person’s feet from sweat and friction.

Usually, there are three different grip materials for the manufacture of grip socks: silica gel, PVC, and flocking fabric. The latter is a kind of thick, grippy fabric that is often used for football socks. It can be added to both the inside and outside of the sock sole, and its thickness is determined by the size of the mold. During production, the grips must be smooth, not crooked or wavy, and have a uniform color and texture. The product must also be odorless, non-toxic and tasteless, and pass the environmental protection test such as AZO. grip socks manufacturer

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