Grip Socks Manufacturer

Our custom grip socks feature a non-slip bottom that can be added to any style. Choose from a wide range of colors and designs. We’re also able to customize the cuff height. Our high quality cotton results in a snug soft fit that is comfortable to wear and is Oeko Tex certified. Reinforcement in the heel and toe adds durability that dramatically improves product life.

Whether your sport is football, rugby, cricket, basketball or gym work, our grippy socks are designed to enhance the performance of your feet. They’re hygienic and can reduce foot blisters and chaffing compared to bare feet. The grippy bottom increases friction between the sole of your foot and the sock, helping you stay more stable in sports or exercise.

In addition, we also offer a wide variety of anti-skid socks for kids and adults. These socks are a great choice for outdoor activities, especially when there is a lot of snow or water. They are hygienic and can help prevent injuries caused by falling or slipping on ice. They are also useful for indoor activities such as trampoline parks and amusement centers.

Grip socks have been around for a while, but they’re becoming increasingly popular among people who want to keep their shoes on more easily. They’re commonly used as Pilates socks, yoga socks, or football anti-skid socks. They are made by adding short rubber bumps to the bottom surface of the socks. The purpose is to increase the contact area with the floor or soles, so that people’s center of gravity can be more stable and achieve the effect of anti-skid. grip socks manufacturer

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