Harmful Ingredients to Look For in Skin Care Products

Most people don’t think twice about putting any old cream on their dry hands to make them feel better. Getting out of the shower and lotioning up is an everyday thing for most of us and putting making up on is a necessity. These things are likely to be an everyday occurrence for us ladies, and even most men. The thing that none of us thinks of but should be is what is actually making up these smell good products and should they actually be being absorbed into our skin? Nine out of ten times any drug store lotion you pick up is going to have harmful products in it that could cause you allergic breakouts, dryness and irritation, and sometimes even cancer. Next time you pick up the hand cream on your desk, read the label and if you see any of the ingredients listed below, be aware of the dangers in using it.

The first harmful ingredient I’d like to touch base on is sodium lauruyl sulfate/sodium laurth sulfate (SLS/SLES). This is a common ingredient in almost every skin care and personal hygiene product that has been linked to kidney and liver failure with long term use. It has also been linked to tumor growth in long term use. Most of the best skin care products in the market include preservatives known as Parabens (ethyl, methyl) which have been linked to male reproductive system damage and breast cancer in women. Artificial fragrances or perfumes are found in almost every body lotion of hand cream on the market. It’s amazing how many people are allergic to fragrances, and not to mention the cost it takes to medicate the allergic reaction. Propylene glycol is known as “industrial anti-freeze”, and commonly found in brake and hydraulic fluid as well as in your favorite body lotions. Titanium Dioxide was finally recognized as a carcinogen as well as Cocoamide DEA, TEA, MEA, and mineral oil. All of which are found in everyday skin care products, and we use them without a worry in the world. Glycserin is promoted to be beneficial humectants, but in actuality it pulls moisture from the deeper tissue in your skin and brings it to the top to make it feel smooth and hydrated. This could cause dehydration and clogged pores. Lanolin usually contains pesticides and dioxins which are commonly known carcinogens, used on sheep’s wool. Kaolin is a natural clay that could be contaminated with impurities, and effectively traps toxins into the skin which is vital to vent and escape, shutting out the very necessary oxygen by suffocating it.

It is not very hard to be ignorant to the harmful ingredients in body lotions. The FDA makes it a lot easier to ignore to these ingredients because there are absolutely no guidelines in what is added to skin care products and they do not require any previous testing of the product to ensure its safety. This is why these ingredients are unknown to most people who use them. Ingredients such as Witch Hazel, Aloe, tangerine or coconut oil, sesaflash, fruit cell culture, and shea butter are all safe, effective, and non toxic extracts found in some of the safest skin care products. These ingredients aren’t only easily understood, but also all organic, vegan and eco-friendly. Next time you are shopping for your daily skin care regimens, pay attention to the ingredients labels. It will be very beneficial for you in the long run. Eyebrow gel

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