How to Choose a Free Link Shortener

A free link shortener transforms a long URL into a shorter link that redirects to the original web page. Several services provide this functionality to individuals and businesses to improve the ease of sharing links online, especially on platforms with limited character space such as Twitter.

Many URL shorteners also feature tracking and analytics to provide additional information on how users engage with shortened links. This can include clicking data, dwell times, device type, and even geolocation. This can help marketers and other users analyze link performance and make informed decisions about their marketing strategy.

When choosing a URL shortener, consider the level of customization you require and how much you care about simplicity. For instance, some free plans may only allow you to create a small number of shortened links each month, while others may offer unlimited short links and full branding capabilities for a fee.

ETTVI’s free link shortener is a powerful tool that allows you to customize, track and manage your links in bulk at once. It’s an ideal solution for marketers and other professionals who need to share long links with a large audience.

Using a branded link shortener is a great way to promote your website and encourage your audiences to visit. It’s simple to use and can be added to any ad, social media post, or print piece. Plus, it provides a typable link that people can easily enter into their web browsers. This can be very helpful for situations where people are viewing your content on a mobile phone or in a situation where they can’t click a hyperlink such as in a PowerPoint presentation or when promoting a business to someone one-on-one. free link shortener

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