How to Find Affordable Pet Insurance

A broken leg, a hereditary condition or an undiagnosed illness can cost thousands of dollars in vet bills, medication and treatment. That’s why it’s important to keep pet insurance in mind, even if you aren’t sure it’s affordable for your budget. There are several things you can do to find a policy that’s right for you, including shopping around and paying annually rather than monthly. Preventive care is another way to save on pet medical expenses, as catching illnesses before they worsen may reduce the number of claims you’ll need to file in the future.

The type of coverage you need will also affect how much your policy costs. Accident-only plans cover only unforeseen injuries and illnesses, while comprehensive policies include everything from exam fees to alternative therapies like acupuncture. Typically, comprehensive policies are the most expensive.

Whether your pet is young or old will impact the cost of its insurance plan, too. Younger pets are less likely to develop serious illnesses, so they tend to be cheaper to insure. Conversely, older pets are more prone to accidents and conditions that make them more expensive to insure. Many pet insurers have age maximums for their policies, so it’s important to consider how your pet’s age will affect its coverage options.

Other factors that affect pet insurance premiums include your pet’s breed and age, your location and the overall cost of vet care in your area. For example, larger dog breeds are more prone to health issues than smaller breeds, and hereditary conditions often require more costly care. Additionally, some vets are more expensive than others, so you’ll generally pay more for care at a higher-priced clinic.

The good news is, there are many affordable pet insurance options out there. Choosing the right one for your budget is easy if you know what to look for.

Lemonade is a good choice for pet parents who want an innovative and easy-to-use insurance provider that uses artificial intelligence to process claims. With Lemonade, you simply submit a video of your pet’s symptoms and the company will automatically reimburse you within minutes. You can choose from three different annual reimbursement limits and customize your policy with add-ons that offer more extensive coverage. These include alternative therapies, hereditary disease coverage and a wellness option that covers vaccinations, microchips, deworming medications and prescription foods. In addition, you can select a puppy/kitten or adult preventative care package to help pay for your pet’s first two years of routine care.

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