How to Hire a Professional Resume Writing Service

The resume: It’s the nearly universal, non-negotiable professional document that stands between job seekers and their dream jobs. And while platforms like LinkedIn may have taken some of its territory, it hasn’t diminished the need for a well-written and well-formatted explanation of your career history that’s designed to stand out from the stack of other applicants.

However, creating a compelling and engaging resume can be challenging, particularly for those who have never done it before. For that reason, a growing number of people turn to professional resume writing services.

Before hiring a professional, consider what kind of involvement you’d like the writer to have in the process, says Yang. Do you want them to simply review your existing resume or do you have specific goals in mind that you’d like the writer to address? Some services offer questionnaires and other tools to help guide the writing process, while others require that you meet in person or over the phone for a conversation about your experiences.

If you choose to hire a service, check out its reputation and pricing. Be wary of prices that are too low or too high — those may suggest that you’re not getting personalized advice, and that your information could be used for marketing purposes. And be sure to ask about the amount of revisions you’re guaranteed. Typos and grammatical errors are deal-breakers for many hiring managers, so be sure to fully edit your document before sending it off. professional resume writing

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