How to Pass a Typing Test

A typing test evaluates a candidate’s speed and accuracy by working with an actual passage of text. These tests are a valuable tool in the hiring process because they provide a realistic assessment of the candidate’s skills and predict their performance in a role, without the distractions and limitations that can occur during a job interview. These tests are often required for specific professions, like legal and administrative jobs. Identifying candidates with these skills can help you find the unsung heroes in your talent pool and avoid costly mistakes such as missed deadlines or miscommunication.

A high typing test score can be achieved with consistent practice and a clear understanding of what to expect. A well-designed test includes clear prompts to guide the test taker, a clean and intuitive user interface, and rigorous quality-control processes. These factors ensure a high completion rate and an accurate evaluation of a candidate’s abilities.

During testing, avoid skipping words and using the backspace key. This will lower your accuracy and WPM score, and it is not more effective than just typing the rest of the words carefully. In addition, keep your eyes focused on the current word instead of looking ahead; reading text too far in advance can cause you to accidentally skip a word or miss letters.

In the final analysis, accuracy is more important than speed. Choosing new and interesting typing practice material can also increase your ability to pass tests, such as book summaries short stories, random easy words, fables, wise proverbs, or custom text. typing test

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