How to Use the National Insurance Phone Number

The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in Ghana has recently introduced an innovative method for membership renewal and premium payment through mobile phone. Previous studies indicate that the NHIS premium may be unaffordable for people working in the informal sector.

The aim of this study is to determine the determinants of the success of the new method of NHIS premium payment through mobile phones. It is expected that the members’ characteristics such as age, sex, education, employment status and premium affordability will influence their patronage of the innovation.

Telephone number

If you need to contact HMRC for any National Insurance queries, use this helpline. You can also use this helpline to report a suspected scam. When calling, be sure to have your National Insurance number ready. You can find it on your payslip, P60, tax return or official letters about tax, pensions, and benefits. You can also find it in your personal tax account or online.

The NI number is used in the United Kingdom for administration of the National Insurance or social security system. It is also used for some purposes in the UK tax system, such as in applications for Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs). The format of an NI number is two prefix letters and six digits. Until 1975, the suffixes A, B, and C at the end of the NI number signified the period of validity of the National Insurance cards that were originally used to record and claim NIC contributions.

The NI number is unique to every person who has paid National Insurance. It is also the quickest way to prove your identity in a hurry. The NI number is also useful for contacting the tax authority to verify that you are working legally in the UK. It is important to make sure you have the NI number before you start work in the UK.

Email address

If you are unable to speak to someone in person, you can contact the ביטוח לאומי טלפון number via email. This is the best way to contact HMRC if you have a question that is confidential or concerns about your benefits. It is also best to write if possible and keep a copy of your query.

The NIPR also offers an onlinecheck payment option (oCheque) for license applicants. This service uses a per-transaction utility, and your account information is not stored by the NIPR. oCheque can be used for both new and renewal resident licensing applications, and is available through the NIPR website. The oCheque service is free for new and renewing residents, while non-residents will have to pay an additional fee. However, the oCheque fee is lower than the credit card processing fee.

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