Instant Delivery for Growth-Minded E-Commerce Retailers

Instant Delivery is ultrafast shipping and part of the burgeoning quick commerce (q-commerce) space. As such, it is often viewed as a way for growth-minded e-commerce retailers to improve their customer experience and boost retention through faster fulfillment.

Unlike same-day shipping, which takes 24 hours from time of order to time of delivery, instant delivery can occur within two hours and as fast as 15 minutes from the moment a customer places their order. Often, this is accomplished by using micro-fulfillment and localized pick & delivery services. These micro-fulfillment centers are typically located close to consumers, where a fleet of couriers (on bikes or scooters) can quickly deliver goods straight to the door.

The underlying logistics behind instant-delivery are very similar to supermarket or grocery delivery apps. Customers place their order on a brand’s DTC website or marketplace, and then the products are picked up from the warehouse or MFC of the instant-delivery company (such as GoPuff or Jokr) by workers (“pickers”) to be delivered by local couriers in a short period of time.

Streamlining the logistics flow and automating the entire process is crucial for enabling two-hour or less delivery. As such, it is critical for brands to partner with a scalable solution that can manage order and delivery volumes at scale while improving the overall consumer experience and reducing cost. Instant Delivery

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