Italian Leather Manufacturers Private Label

A new breed of fashion designers is swooning over the Italian handbag, buying them wholesale for their own brands and requesting private-label production. The result is a renaissance for artisanal craftsmanship in the Italian fashion industry, and a new crop of companies, from start-ups to luxury giants, jostling to take the lead.

The district of drab industrial buildings outside Florence that has long been the hub of Italian leather-goods production is getting crowded, as luxury giants from Prada to Burberry snap up workshops to bolster their Made-in-Italy offerings. But a few small companies are holding out, refusing to give in to the assembly line and instead opting for a more hands-on approach.

These artisans are using the most luxurious leathers (crocodile, python, eel) and the highest quality fabrics to make their bags. They are also embracing sustainable materials, like pineapple, cactus, wine and cork, to keep up with the demand for eco-friendly products.

They are also experimenting with different techniques, like weaving and embossing, to add texture to their bags. And they are not afraid to experiment with new styles, even if that means a lower profit margin, so that they can offer their customers something that is truly unique.

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