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It gets frustrating when you are getting ready in the morning and you just can’t do enough to make your hair look the way you want it to. I live in South Florida and as glamorous as that may seem, it is a climate that constantly beats down on my clients’ hair. I have looked for a selection of haircare products that will finally solve all of my clients’ hair issues and I did not just find a product, but an entire haircare line that makes hair look and feel great.

KMS California is a line that is so expansive that the only person that I think would not be able to find a product suited for them would be a person with no hair at all. With its wide gamut of hair care regimens, there is something for everyone, no matter what your hair type or desired look is.

As I was saying, I live in Miami and the sun beats down on our hair on a constant basis. Furthermore, the air is humid and the salt content of the air is higher than in most major cities because of our proximity to the ocean. All of these factors create stress on the hair and in order to deal with this stresses, KMS California Hair Products have come to the rescue.

KMS California products contain a patented technology called IOPS which stands for Inside Out Perfecting System. The premise behind this technology is that in order to make hair beautiful, it needs to be healthy from the inside out. Hair has a structure that can be compromised by stresses in our environment and stresses from within our own bodies. The hair shaft, when stressed expands and actually opens up the hair to further damage. This is what you see in dull, brittle hair. This hair is sometimes so far gone that the best solution is to cut it off and start anew.

KMS California has combined both lactic acid and malic acid to create this IOPS Compound and over time, not that much time, the appearance of your hair begins to dramatically improve. These acids penetrate the hair shaft and begin to expand. With repeated use, all of the gaps created from the stress on the hair will be filled in and the hair will be restored to its natural luster and smoothness. KMS California has combined this IOPS technology with natural plant extracts and other natural ingredients to formulate idea solutions for every hair type.

  • Silk Sheen is infused with Almond and Basil to support silkening of the hair and it improves shine while offering protection from the elements.
  • Moist Repair products contain Aloe and Vanilla. The Aloe speaks for itself as far as its moisturizing qualities nf the vanilla helps with the hair’s moisture balance.
  • Add Volume is infused with Eucalyptus and Cinnamon which have been proven to provide fullness to limp or flat hair.
  • Flat Out contains Fig and Jojoba which provides smoothness to the hair and conditions with high intensity.
  • Head Remedy which is an excellent cure for dandruff and other scalp issues is made with Rosemary and Fennel to sooth itching and serves as an anti-bacterial.
  • Color Vitality Products contain Lilac and Ginger to calm the scalp and cleanses the hair gently to protect the color while providing UV protection for the hair,
  • Curl Up products are infused with orange and mint which enhance curls and calm the scalp to provide the perfect base for curly or wavy hair.
  • Hair Play styling products use lime and cilantro which provide hold and flexibility at the same time.
  • Hair Stay products utilize Pomegranate and Pepper which support hold while they offer protection from the environment and free-radicals which can damage the hair.
  • Sol Perfection use Grapefruit and Thyme which calms the scalp that has been sun stressed and they act as anti-irritants.

The ingredients in these hair products sound good enough to eat, don’t they? They are great nutrition for the hair. Let this serve as a warning that these products are not edible but if you were to eat most of the foods that these products infuse into their products, you would be healthier for it. Pomegranate, Grapefruit, Oranges, Mint, Thyme, Basil, Fennel and Figs are all full of nutrients and anti-oxidants. If they are good enough for the body, they are good enough for the hair.

Your long search for the right hair product for you should end NOW. KMS California has what you are looking for. Their website is fantastic and provides great information on which of their products would be the ideal on for you. Happy Hair Day! oribe hair products

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