Luxury Peru Travel: Andean Adventure

The Inca Trail is arguably the most famous hiking trail in the world. The combination of hiking along a trail through the Andes Mountains,

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 the largest mountain chain in South America and stunningly beautiful, and discovering ruins built with intricate, highly skilled stonework, is too special of an experience to pass up. This trail is hiked by people from all over the world, young and old, who are fit and ready to retrace Inca footsteps. It is recommended that you combine this special experience with visits to Cusco and the Sacred Valley, where you’ll find even more amazing sites and culture ready to be explored. When you’re not roughing it on the trail, why not enjoy your vacation with the amenities of luxury travel. In luxury travel you will have more than just the standards in quality and service but a luxury experience that won’t be forgotten including private transfers, small sometimes even private tours, high quality recommended hotels, etc. After three nights sleeping under the beautiful Andean stars you can afford to treat yourself a little bit. Don’t leave your camera at home on this special luxury Peru vacation of a lifetime.

Begin your trip in Cusco, easily reached from Lima by a short flight, with gorgeous views of the mountains. Arriving in Cusco, you will want to take some time to adjust, drink water and get some sleep to make sure and fully acclimate to your new altitude. In fact, it is recommended that you take your second day to do a tour of the Sacred Valley, this will be a light day compared to yoru trekking and you’ll be fully prepared for day three when you hit the trail. The Sacred Valley has a lot to offer and you won’t be disappointed.

Departing on the Inca Trail you will have four memorable days, huffing up and down Andes peaks and exploring amazing sites, like the Llactapata Ruins and trekking over famous points such as Dead Woman’s Pass. During your trek you will be fully taken care of by a professional guide. Porters will have camp set up and delicious meals ready to eat by the time you arrive in camp. You will be roughing it, but in style!

To top off the experience, you will pass through the famous sun gate and arrive at Machu Picchu, the famous Inca citadel and a wonder of the world. Arriving from the top is an experience only Inca Trail hikers receive and is one to be proud of. Machu Picchu feels differently to those who earned it by hiking there.

Back in Cusco, be sure to do a city tour to get some important facts about this ancient capital of the Inca Empire. All in all, it is a peru vacation to remember. The Inca Trail is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Don’t realize when it’s too late that you never got around to it. Ozark Trail Customer Service

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