Matters needing attention of oily skin care

But on a daily basis for the maintenance, if use too much convergence water, even though very oil skin, may become very weak, resulting in peeling, itching or burning phenomenon.

If your skin is very susceptible to oil, have to use convergence water, then the best is no more than two times a day. When you go to sports, going out, can put some tissues containing convergence water in the bag, so that can use in wiping the grease and sweat, to avoid the occurrence of acne.

Oily skin people will have a lot of troubles when young, but when their skin into the mature, aging stage, especially after the menopause, sebaceous gland secretion of oil will decrease. If they still had previous oily skin cleaning and maintenance habits, it could seriously damage the skin. So when the age is more and more big, sebum secretion will more less, these people need to adjust their skin daily maintenance.

If it is oily skin, then please remember: oily skin may often do not give you the “face” when young, often bothers you, make you embarrassed, or even inferiority, but after older, it can more effect to prevent damage of sunburn than dry skin, skin treatment and wrinkle generation. And people with oily skin is aging slower than human with dry skin, and look more younger. So don’t blame everyone and everything, oily skin may give you trouble in young, but also can help you to retain some of the steps of youth.

Modern medical research on the oily skin have made some achievements, tretinoin use as cosmetic raw material is proved can indeed reduce the oil, but it also has some side effects, so you should medication under the guidance of a doctor. Most people think, oily skin do not need to use moisturizing products, in fact, whether use moisturizing products should according to how much oil in skin exactly, and whether excessive cleaning caused the skin dry and circumstances. Researches by tretinoin manufacturer, the tretinoin products can make your skin dry in some extent, so for those oil skin people, use tretinoin cosmetics is a good choice.

If the moderately oily skin, use less greasy hydrophilic emulsion before make-up. The so-called hydrophilic emulsion, referring to the composition of the water is higher than the oil component. In order to relieve due to excessive cleaning or using too much convergence cause dryness, you can try non-oily moisturizing liquid, it can make your skin moisture, or allow your skin to absorb moisture in the air. And this special oil skin usually does not require any moisture products, because this skin itself can out oil to prevent dry skin.

No oil or hydrophilic foundation make-up will absorb the grease on the face, let your face looks not so shiny, may be the best choice for you. Of course you can use pressed powder to absorb excess grease. When make up, it is best to use a cotton pad or frequently wash your sponge puff, so you can keep your skin clean. In addition, you can use oil-absorbing tissues, it is also a fast clean way to remove facial oil. You can also use a mild cleanser to clean facial oil on everyday morning and night. At the same time, oily skin will not prevent you from using sunscreen to prevent wrinkles and other skin aging caused by the sun. order tretinoin

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