Norcold Refrigerators – How Do They Work?

RVers love norcold refrigerators for their quiet operation and ability to run on either propane or electricity. They also have the unique ability to switch between these two power sources automatically based on what is plugged in and available, so you don’t have to worry about flipping a switch yourself when you have extra battery power.

The Norcold brand is part of the Thetford Corporation and has been making RV refrigerators since 1959. Their company headquarters is located in Sidney, Ohio. They are one of the most popular manufacturers of fridges for both RVs and boats, producing a wide range of sizes to fit many different floorplans and space limitations.

Norcold Refrigerators: How Do They Work?
Unlike a traditional refrigerator that uses a compressor, Norcold RV fridges use a gas absorption system to cool. A boiler powered by propane gas heats up a tank of water and ammonia. As the ammonia boils, it releases heat that rises into a separate chamber. Once the ammonia is cooled, it becomes a liquid again and mixes with the water to absorb any remaining heat. The refrigerator continues this cycle over and over, keeping food cold and reducing frost buildup.

The Norcold Polar series of large side-by-side four-door refrigerators is a great example of their line-up. These fridges operate on LP gas, 120-volt AC with auto-switching, and a 12-volt DC connection designed to conserve energy. They come with a variety of features including manual defrost, automatic frost-limiting, touch-control LCD panels, and more. norcold refrigerators

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