Picking the Best Employee Communication Apps for Your Team

Healthy internal communication is a cornerstone of effective teamwork and a productive workplace. That’s why it’s important to pick the best employee communication apps for your team so everyone has a single, easy-to-use place to collaborate and share updates with one another.

If you’re looking for a free employee communication app that provides instant messaging and activity feeds, GChat is an option. It also offers video conferencing and a variety of other collaboration tools. For a more professional employee communication app, Microsoft Teams is available for desktop and mobile. Its simple interface and easy integration with other Microsoft apps make it a popular choice for organizations of all sizes.

For a more organized approach to communicating with your whole workforce, the Workyard employee communication platform is an excellent choice. The app offers a unified communications experience and a single, secure repository for documents. It’s ideal for remote workers and frontline employees in industries like construction or retail. It also supports a large number of languages for international businesses.

Another top choice for centralized, unified communication is the Smarp employee communication app. It’s a cloud-based solution with support for web, Android and iOS systems that helps you reach every worker whether they are at their desk or on the go. It has features such as instant chat, a publishing studio for creating and sharing content at scale and secure transfer to send files to colleagues.

For a more structured approach to communicating with your whole workforce, the Jostle employee communication software is a great option. It allows you to upload and share documents, polls, and milestones. It also has a robust email creation suite with reading tracking capabilities so you can see how your workers are interacting with the information.

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