Ruqyah Sheets

Ruqyah sheets are a powerful way to safeguard yourself against the evil eye, magic and other afflictions. The ruqyah specialist determines which affliction you are suffering from and then recite the Names of Allah or verses from the Quran to protect you against it. This also works in conjunction with other methods like fire cupping where the expert can interact with the evil inside of you and remove it.

We have a full range of ruqyah sheets available, for example a ruqyah sheet to treat sorcery, a ruqyah sheet to protect against the evil eye and many others. We also have a ruqyah audio section where you can listen to ruqyah prayers such as ayatul Kursi, ayatul Meelaha and others.

If you are unsure which ruqyah you require please contact us to discuss your situation. There is a vast amount of knowledge we have about the different types of ruqyah and which one would work best for you. Ruqyah can be dangerous if done by someone who doesn’t have the proper experience so it is a good idea to seek an expert.

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