Sex Furniture – Elevate Your Sex Experience

If you’re a fan of sex that’s as much about pleasure as it is intimacy, there’s one thing that can take your experience from good to great: sex furniture. Unlike pillows and other everyday items, sex furniture is specifically designed to be used during sexual activity.

From kinky wedges to sex chaise lounges, sex furniture is the erotic equipment that can elevate your bedroom play from boring to orgasmic. It can also help with sex that’s just a little bit more difficult or painful because it supports and elevates positions, which can make all the difference when you want to climax and don’t want to waste your efforts or energy on aching muscles.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect way to add a little extra oomph to a kiss or are a couple that wants to try something new, sex furniture can be the best choice. And luckily, it doesn’t have to be expensive either!

In fact, you can often find sex furniture for cheap online. However, it’s important to read reviews and check product specifications before you make a purchase to ensure you’re getting the most out of your money and that you have a piece that meets all of your needs.

Sex chairs and benches are a classic piece of sex furniture that can work for beginners or pros. These versatile pieces can be hung from the ceiling, mounted onto a frame or simply placed on a flat surface. They can also be used while standing up, sitting down or lying face-up and allow you to experiment with weightless sex positions as well as other positions that aren’t possible on a regular bed or other furniture.

Another type of sex furniture that’s popular among couples is a sex swing. These creative contraptions are ideal for oral and penis play and even for penetration during sex. They’re also a great option for pregnant couples who want to explore oral sex or other positions that can be challenging to achieve while on the couch. They can be door-mounted, ceiling-mounted or freestanding and come in many different styles including the iconic sex swing by Liberator or Jaz Motion.

Other types of sex furniture to consider include a sex table or mat. These platforms can support a variety of sexual positions and are usually easy to clean and disinfect. They’re great for intimate touch and can be paired with toys like vibrators, dildos, massage wands or suction cups. The sex table by Liberator is especially popular for couples and features a raised platform that allows the user to reach up to the thigh area while also having a flat seat in the middle that can be swapped out for a different position.

Lastly, there are sex benches and horses which can be quite kinky or rather tame depending on the design. Typically, they act as a streamlined combination of pillows, wedges and harnesses to help lovers achieve the Kama Sutra positions while making them more comfortable for both partners. For instance, the sex bench by Liberator features a harness for added tension as well as pockets and pouches to hold bullet vibrators and other toys.

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