Socket Head Bolt

Socket Head Bolt
Socket head cap screws, or Allen wrench screws, are unique in that they use a special type of drive to install and tighten. These fasteners are used in applications that don’t have enough room for a traditional nut or bolt and come in different styles, sizes and materials. They’re often found in industrial production, assembly lines and other types of machinery.

While socket screw heads vary in design, they’re all rated for tensile strength and torque. They also offer excellent clamping strength when installed correctly. These screws are available in a variety of shapes, threads and finishes and can be found in many applications including:

Some of the most popular socket screw types include hex socket button head cap screws, hex socket flat head cap screws and hex socket low head cap screws. These high-strength screws are typically made of a high-yield steel or a stainless steel alloy and feature a hex drive. The hex drive allows the screw to be installed using an Allen wrench, which helps to reduce the amount of pressure needed for installation. This, in turn, can lead to fewer screws being required for the same application and improved overall quality.

Another great feature of hex socket cap screws is their ability to be lubricated with oil. This helps to prevent damage during installation, improves torque and speed of installation and makes them more efficient. Additionally, they can be coated with a nylon patch that’s bonded to the threads. This helps to prevent loosening due to vibration, ensuring that the screw remains in place. Socket Head Bolt

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