Spiral Freezer Control Systems

A spiral freezer allows you to freeze products quickly and efficiently. The design of the freezer enables you to control the freezing process by altering the belt speed, temperature setpoint, and air flow. This allows you to optimize the system for specific product types while still achieving high production rates. Spiral freezers are significant energy users, so it is important to optimize their performance to reduce utility costs. This can be done by utilizing advanced monitoring and controls that are integrated with the refrigeration and process equipment control systems.

A manufacturer of industrial food processing equipment. Products include shakers, spiral freezers, and clean-in-place (CIP) systems. Freezer maintenance, product testing services, and sanitary design consultations are available. Specialty equipment and spare parts such as air compressors, ice machines, ovens, and machining centers are also offered. Serves pork, poultry, meat, bakery airy products, vegetables, pizza, pasta, and dairy products industries.

Offers a variety of sizes and specifications for used industrial spiral freezers with varying belt widths and tier counts to accommodate various production capacities. IQF, box, blast, and contact belt spiral freezers are available as well as custom site built units. Features a low-pressure, high velocity impingement horizontal airflow to allow for fast freezing with minimal product weight loss. The recirculated coldest air temperature continuously removes heat from the product surface, and each tier receives the coldest air directly from the refrigerated evaporator.

Spiral freezers require a high level of control to ensure that product temperatures are accurately measured, maintained and controlled. A common issue in many plants is that the target product temperatures are not consistently achieved due to a mix of products produced throughout the day. The result is that the belt speed, temperature setpoint, and fan speeds are often adjusted in response to this product variation, resulting in a decrease in production capacity while wasting energy.

The best solution to this problem is to integrate the spiral freezer control system with the refrigeration and process equipment controls so that the system can automatically update its operating parameters based on the specific product being processed. VaCom Technologies can work with plant staff as a team to initially determine the optimal product temperatures and air flow settings for each product, which helps to improve product quality and save energy.

Whether you need to move product rapidly or slowly, Linde can provide the right equipment for your needs. Their compact packaged spiral freezer offers the flexibility of a larger site-built freezer in a smaller footprint to minimize its impact on your floor space, but with high capacity and advanced cryogenic delivery that can handle any freezing or chilling application. The patented vapor balance system maximizes the use of cryogen and reduces energy usage by minimizing air and moisture infiltration into the system, while the reverse-flow center fan design conserves and recirculates the cryogen vapor. This results in a more efficient freezer and faster product chilling, for increased productivity, yield, and quality.

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