The Benefits of Shampoo Trays

Whether in a salon, at home or in long-term care facilities, shampoo trays make the process of washing hair a whole lot easier and more comfortable for both caregivers and patients. These specially designed trays are used for individuals who can not stand and lean backward into a sink, or for those confined to a wheelchair or bed and cannot comfortably reach their neck in to a traditional basin. The trays allow them to be seated in a chair or wheelchair and have the tray positioned at the back of their head so they can remain in a reclining position while their hair is being washed, their ears irrigated or wounds dressed.

Shampoo trays are a popular choice for hairdressers who often work with people confined to wheelchairs, as the person can sit in a chair and have their head put into a shaped recess that is centered over the back of the chair. Caregivers can then easily wash the individual’s hair by bringing their chair or wheelchair backward toward the sink.

Most trays have raised and contoured edges that prevent the water from spilling out, except directly into the sink, and are constructed from durable plastic that is easy to clean. They also have a strap that wraps around the user’s arm to stabilize and secure the tray.

In addition, many trays are designed to accommodate the use of a shampoo hose to supply extra water to rinse and massage the scalp. Several styles of hoses are available, including one with an adjustable length for users with various needs.

In general, shampooing is a relatively safe procedure, but it should be avoided with elderly people or those with weakened muscles and bones as prolonged arching or hyperextension of the neck can cause injuries to these areas. Additionally, force and speed should be considered when using a shampoo tray to ensure the individual is not being stretched or overly rubbed during the washing. The trays are also useful for individuals who cannot safely or comfortably reach their necks with the fingers, and can be used in conjunction with an adjustable nozzle to provide just the right amount of pressure needed to get the job done. BACS À SHAMPOING

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