The Sport Jacket – More Rugged Than a Blazer

As its name suggests, the sports jacket is meant to be a bit more rugged than a suit or blazer. This is evident in its sturdier fabrics, looser fit and fun, slightly informal styling.

It’s also a great choice for those who need to look sharp but want the flexibility of being able to move easily. Originally, this type of jacket was worn for hunting, riding horses and bracing walks through the countryside to defend a maiden’s honor – hence the sturdier fabric choices and design details like elbow patches, pleats and ticket pockets that once served a practical purpose (such as protecting the wearer from thorns and abrasions).

Today, it can be worn in the woods for a picnic, at a sports game or for any casual yet classy occasion that calls for an air of sophistication. It’s also the least formal of the three jacket styles, and pairs well with jeans or casual trousers. It’s a good idea to avoid pairing it with pants that are identical in color or fabric to avoid the matching suit look.

While a sports jacket is more rugged than a blazer, it still needs to look professional, and many choose to add personal touches to theirs. For example, lettermen who win a championship at school may have their names and the year of their graduation sewn on in chenille or embroidered, depending on their school’s traditions. These personalized touches add a nice touch of individuality and show that the owner has pride in their school’s achievements. Sport jacket

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