Thermal Compound – How to Choose the Right Thermal Compound For Your Processor

Thermal compound is designed to help transfer heat away from the processor (or CPU) and the thermal interface material – or heat sink (if using water cooling). The main function is to fill in the microscopic gaps between the two surfaces and improve heat dissipation. Without it, your processor may reach a temperature that will lead to overheating and eventual failure of the device.

All of our thermal pastes are made with top-quality ingredients, including silver and aluminum metal particles in a non-silicone base, making them easy to spread and clean up. The consistency of each product is also a key factor; some are thick and hard to spread, while others are more fluid and easier to manipulate for consistent placement.

Using a quality thermal compound can significantly reduce the CPU temperatures and increase performance. The differences in temps between the best and worst performing compounds can span from 1 to 10 degrees Celsius depending on how well they are applied. Our results show that liquid metal compounds tend to perform better than traditional ones, but that’s not a huge surprise given the price-per-gram difference between them.CPU thermal paste

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