What Does an Employment Tribunal Representative Do?

An employment tribunal representative is a legal person that can speak on your behalf, provide evidence and deal with the legal issues during an employment tribunal hearing. The main role of the tribunal is to judge the case based on the evidence presented and make a decision about compensation, if any, you should receive. Representatives can be legal professionals, such as lawyers or solicitors, or public bodies that can offer support and guidance to people with workplace issues, such as trade unions.

The person you choose to represent you at the tribunal will be able to explain any legal issues during the hearing and also cross examine witnesses for the other side. The representative will also be able to give you advice and help with gathering any information you need.

If the other party has a representative, they will try to settle the claim at this stage and may agree a settlement that is lower than you think you should get. Your representative can handle these discussions on your behalf and will also be able to argue your case in court, if the hearing goes to appeal.

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