What is a Utility Payment Solution?

A utility payment solution is a combination of different software products that enable customers to manage their utilities such as water, electricity and garbage through data-enabled devices. Ideally, it should provide customers with multiple options, convenience and a secure environment to help improve customer satisfaction.

Using a consolidated payment processing platform that provides a variety of online and in-person payments is an effective way to reduce costs for your residents. It also offers an efficient approach to managing bills and collections by reducing the amount of time spent on billing tasks and allowing your residents to make payments quickly.

One of the most convenient methods for paying utility bills is through a mobile app that is easy to use and allows recurring payments. It also enables customers to track their current balance, pay on the go and receive reminders on their mobile phone. This type of mobile payment solution is also ideal for elderly customers who don’t want to use the internet to make their payments.

For more traditional users, a walk-in payment network is an effective option for making utility payments in cash. PV Walk-in enables citizens to make payment at thousands of local retailers that have signed up for the service, including grocery stores, gas stations and convenience stores.

A recurring ACH credit payments is another convenient way to pay for utility services. It eliminates the need for customers to make manual payments each month, helps avoid late charges and can save utility companies up to 25% in administrative fees compared to processing card payments. utility payment solution

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