What Ruqyah Means

Ruqyah is recitation of the Quran seeking refuge and supplication to Allah for healing, protection from harm, and increasing one’s Iman and taqwa towards Allah the Merciful. Ruqyah is known to treat a number of spiritual and physical ailments including the evil eye, possession by Jinns, jealousy, magic spells, and other illnesses. The secret of ruqyah is that it requires total trust and reliance in Allah, the One who provides the cure.

Often people misunderstand what ruqyah means and misuse it to earn money by charging for their services. This is kufr, and those who do this should be reprimanded. It is also important that those who want to receive ruqyah from a person perform their research before they choose him. This can be done by asking other Muslims who have received ruqyah and seeing what results they had. This can be done online as well, but it is best to find someone who has a good reputation and is knowledgeable in the field of ruqyah.

The person who performs ruqyah must be knowledgeable in the Quran and Sunnah, the most beautiful Names and Attributes of Allah, and allowable supplications. He should not use vaporizers, perfumes, herbs, frankincense, qiblah direction or any other impermissible things while performing it. This is because these are not known causes of healing, and may even please jinn and Satans and attract them to the reciter. In addition, he should not write illegible words or smear things on himself and be in the vicinity of people who are ritually impure. what ruqyah means

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