What You Need to Know About the PGDL

A PGDL is a law conversion course that’s usually taken by career changers or non-law grads looking to become solicitors or barristers. It’s a lot more focused on the practical application of law than a standard LLB.

Unlike an undergraduate degree, the PGDL has a much more intensive exam schedule. You’ll have mock exams midway through each term and then summative assessments at the end of each term. On top of that, you’ll have to prep for workshops each week which involve putting your knowledge into practice in real-life scenarios. You’ll be expected to spend around 8-10 hours each week in class and then complete the rest of your study outside of class.

While there are benefits to online PGDL courses, it’s worth considering the level of engagement you’ll have with fellow students and lecturers if you choose the in-person option. It’s also a good idea to take the entry requirements, content and fees into consideration when choosing a provider – some providers offer scholarships that could help cover the costs.

One of the key reasons to aim for a distinction is that it’ll demonstrate to law firms that you’re capable of understanding the fundamentals of the law and are committed to making this your career. Especially for those who did not do an undergraduate law degree, this will make a big difference to your chances of finding a training contract or pupillage. It’ll also show them that you’re bothered enough about doing well on the PGDL to make it your priority. PGDL

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