When to Call Emergency HVAC Services

When an AC system is down on a hot summer day, it can quickly turn from a nuisance to an emergency. But what is considered an emergency, and when should you call for immediate heating and air conditioning repair service?

If you notice a strong, burning odor coming from your air conditioning unit, it is considered an emergency. This smell could indicate that the insulation around and inside your unit is burning, or it could be a sign of mold and mildew. Either way, shut off your air conditioning and immediately call a service to inspect the problem.

Similarly, any signs of water damage or excess moisture should be taken seriously. Problems like a clogged condensate drain, ice formation on the coils, or water leaks should all be treated as emergencies and addressed immediately. Water can cause major property damage within a day, and it can also encourage pests and mold growth. In addition, it can cause damage to the air conditioning system itself, leading to higher repair costs or, in the worst case, requiring replacement of the entire unit.

Other important reasons to call in an emergency HVAC technician right away include a lack of cool air or unusual odors. Cool air should have a pleasant, fresh scent, so any odors that are strange or unpleasant should be taken as a serious problem. If you notice any skunk-like or sulfurous odors, it may indicate that there is a natural gas leak in your air conditioning system’s ductwork. This is a dangerous and deadly problem that requires immediate attention. Emergency ac services

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