Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers

Buying Instagram followers may seem like an easy way to boost your following count. However, this type of activity is frowned upon by the platform and could even result in a permanent suspension of your account.

Instagram regularly weeds out spam accounts and fake engagement, so this method of growing your audience is ineffective at best and dangerous at worst. Plus, purchasing followers can quickly become an expensive and frustrating endeavor.

Instead of focusing on how many followers you have, focus on building a genuine community of followers that are passionate about your content. Instagram users are more likely to follow brands they trust and engage with, and your authentic fans will spread the word on your behalf without needing any bribes.

Having a consistent posting schedule will keep your current followers engaged and let newer viewers know when to check back for fresh content. Publish a mix of photos, GIFs, Reels, videos and Boomerangs to give your audience a taste of what you offer and build up a style that is unique to you and differentiates you from other accounts.

Posting a photo of your location, staff or products is a great way to show off what you offer and get followers excited about your brand. You can also engage with your followers by replying to their comments and resharing their content (check out our guide for seven different ways to repost on Instagram). Lastly, make sure your profile is optimized by using a search-friendly username and choosing a high-resolution logo. Instagram followers 

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