Amron Feather Diabetic Socks for Diabetic Patients

Amron feather diabetic sock form part of the product range that is available for patients affected with diabetes. Diabetes is the world’s fastest growing disease, largely fanned by the change of lifestyle among old and young. The stressful lives of modern day world are also contributing to spread of diabetes. Of the various parts of the body that diabetes may affect, foot is the most susceptive of all. It is rather imperative here to understand why; as this will help in realizing the importance of Amron feather diabetic sock in the lives of diabetic patients.

Excess levels of blood sugar within the body can lead to unthinkable range of problems; many of them may quite be untreatable. Of all these problems, foot diseases are the most feared of all. So much so that if foot related problems arising from diabetes is not treated properly on time, the entire foot may have to be done away with. Critically high levels of sugars with the body lead to damaging the nervous system. Now the nervous system transmits messages to all parts of the body from the brain; also it receives maximum feedback from the two feet and transmits the same back to the brain. Painful and irritating and symptoms can appear when the brain fails to transmit the required information and direction to the feet. The reverse, that is when the feet cannot send back information, creates an even bigger problem. This implies the feet have become numb to senses due to excessive blood sugar. At this stage, the feet don’t feel any cuts or wounds on them; they have lost their senses.

To prevent such an occurrence, whereas the foremost treatment is control of blood sugar levels, diabetic socks offer much needed support. Being a diabetic sock, it is manufactured not to restrict the foot or leg when worn around the foot. It is not elastic in nature; hence it does not hamper flow of blood to the foot. This helps in preventing the foot from developing ulcers. Also, in case the foot does develop ulcers, one can wear diabetic socks as they don’t stick on to the feet. Diabetic socks are also known to maintain moisture levels, thereby helping to lower the risk of infection. Also, diabetic socks typically don’t have the bends normally found in common socks. This feature helps in reducing formation of blisters on the toe, by lowering undue pressure on the feet.

The best diabetic socks are the ones made of fine cotton; even though many non cotton varieties are also quite popular. Fine cotton socks enable better circulation; hence they are the preferred variety. Diabetic socks appear as normal socks. They can come in multiple colours but white is the preferred option as patients can easily identify if ulcers have burst open and draining out.

Amron feather diabetic socks are unique in nature. It is treated for microbes and the effect of this treatment remains with the socks during the medical life of the product. This feature prevents bacteria growth and growth of numerous other micro organisms; thereby improving the safety quotient of the socks. It is sold as ‘feather’. It is made of pure cotton sourced from the hallowed fields of Egypt, is incidentally laced with elastic but the weaving is such that the elastic evenly spreads on the entire length of the sock so as to offer zero compression. Thus, this unique feature helps the sock to remain in its position on the feet and yet, offer extremely high levels of blood flow. The refined cotton fibre in Amron feather diabetic socks is made from specially grown elongated fibre of Egyptian cotton yarn. The ‘feather’ characteristic comes from the fact that the cotton fibre delivers high levels of softness and very low degree of twist. Considering that this feature is present on the entire sock throughout the length and breadth of the feet, it significantly improves breathing qualities of the sock and hence, reduces moisture risk on the feet. best soccer grip socks

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