Materials of the Best Running Socks

Running is an important part of keeping fit and staying healthy for any person, not only athletes. But with running comes a great deal of sweat that the body releases and causes difficulty around the feet region. Let us look at some of the best running socks available and the best running sock materials out in the market.

Asics Running Socks: Asics is a Japanese company that features in specialized athletic equipment and clothing. Their main product is a shoe but they also have a large variety of premium athletic equipment and clothing meant for every sports enthusiast. Here are two of their top running socks.

1. The Snap Down Sock- This is a medium weight sock from Asics and the crew height of the pair makes it very comfortable to wear. This pair of socks is seamless at the toes to ensure greater comfort as well as it has mesh inserts for more breathability. The Snap Down is made of spandex, rubber and nylon and is a foremost choice for many runners and wrestlers as well.

2. The LT Crew – The LT Crew is one of the lightest socks available from Asics and is a hit among runners and other athletes. The special double padded layers on the heel and toes make this ideal for runners who run with a heavy heel and who require better push off the toes. This pair as well has mesh for better breathability and a seamless toe region for better comfort.

Thorlo Running Socks: Another company that takes running and the comfort required for it is Thorlo. For over thirty years, Thorlo has been creating clinically tested running socks for the better performance of runners and athletes. Thorlo’s socks eradicate the sweat accumulation of sweat and fungus problems and reduce the discomfort of pain and blisters. Some of the clinically tested socks available from Thorlo are as follows.

1. The Classic XJ – This is a light weight, doubled cushioned sock that protects the heel and ball areas of the feet. The padding and the arch fit perfectly on to the foot for maximum comfort.

2. 84N Runner – This is a great light weight hybrid sock for both men and women runners alike. The padded sock gives the runner a comfortable run while eliminating pain and blisters that are a common occurrence after running.

Best Running Sock Materials: Running socks are available in various sizes and materials but that does not mean that any material is right for running. When it comes to running, 100% cotton socks should be avoided at any cost. As cotton does not dry when it gets wet, it could cause discomfort and leave your feet with blisters. best soccer grip socks

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