Hiring a Moving Company in Berlin

If you’re moving house in Berlin, you can save yourself a lot of time and energy by

hiring a professional umzugsunternehmen These companies can help you with

everything from packing up your belongings to arranging transportation and

customs clearance. Their services are usually associated with a higher cost, but

they’ll save you a lot of work and stress. Moreover, hiring a removal company can

save you from physical injury such as back problems caused by lifting heavy objects.

If your move is international, you can hire an intermodal shipping company to

handle your relocation. A company that offers this service will pack your belongings

into special containers that are designed to withstand long journeys between

countries. It will also arrange customs clearance and transport your vehicle if

necessary. A good company will have a network of global agents and provide full-

service relocation packages.

There are many moving companies in Berlin that offer local and international

services. Some of them are affiliated with global relocation firms and can offer

discounted rates. For example, DB Schenker is a logistics and freight forwarding

company with over 150 years of experience in Germany and has locations around

the world. They offer door-to-door international services and can handle large,

complex moves. They can transport a wide range of items including fine arts, works

of art, computers and electronics. They can even store your possessions while they

are in transit.

Another German moving company that provides intermodal transportation services

is Kopania. It has been operating since 1908 and has an international partner

network. Its facilities include air-suspended special trucks that can safely transport

valuables. They can also dismantle and assemble furniture, and use environmentally

friendly packaging. In addition, they can assist with settling into your new home and

help you with finding accommodation and schools.

Other moving and storage companies in Germany include Santa Fe Relocation, who

can relocate families worldwide. They have offices in the US, Canada and Germany

and can take care of all aspects of your move including providing a tailored moving

quote. They can pack your belongings in specialist packaging to protect them, and

they will handle customs clearance and shipment protection plans for peace of mind.

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