How to Change an Omega Watch Battery

Omega watches are famous worldwide for their technologically advanced mechanics, quality and elegance. They have been worn on the moon and in the depths of the ocean, and are trusted by movie stars, athletes and models. Despite their luxurious appearance, Omega watches must be regularly serviced to keep them in top condition. This includes changing the battery.

Unless you’re an experienced watchmaker, the best way to change your Omega watch battery is to bring it into your local Precision Watches branch. Our expert team uses the utmost care with tried and tested processes to ensure your watch looks and performs like new.

The first step is to carefully dismantle your watch into its individual parts. These are then thoroughly cleaned using several proven techniques. Any worn or damaged parts are replaced with genuine Omega replacements to restore the mechanical function. The rebuilt watch mechanism then undergoes extensive testing to ensure it is operating correctly.

Most quartz Omega watches have a built in end of life indicator, which will start to flash when the battery is close to running out. If this happens, it is essential to replace the battery as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage to your watch movement.

When you get your Omega watch serviced at Precision, we check the power reserve on a specialist device and carry out other electrical tests to ensure the cause of the problem is not something else. This is especially important for automatic watches that require winding, as a lack of energy in the mainspring can lead to a number of problems including early deterioration of the movements.

The battery is then replaced with an original Omega replacement and the case back gasket is re-seated. A final watch regulation and accuracy test is then performed to verify that your Omega is performing at its optimum level.

A complete Omega service should be carried out every two years to maximize performance and longevity. This includes replacing the battery, as well as a thorough inspection of all mechanical components and the case and dial for any signs of wear or corrosion.

As an authorized Omega repair centre, we can provide the full range of services required to maintain your watch’s originality and performance. Our prices are competitive and we offer a three year warranty as standard on all our repairs. This is well above the industry average of two years and is a reflection of our commitment to excellence.

It is tempting to leave a watch to its own devices and only have it serviced when it starts to show signs of trouble, but this can be extremely expensive. If a watch is left too long without a new battery it may leak, causing irreparable damage to the movement and exterior of the watch. We would always advise getting a new Omega watch battery replacement as soon as you notice the battery indicator indicating it is close to the end of its life. Omega watch battery replacement

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