Watch Repairs

Regardless of the quality of any watch, there will undoubtedly come a time when your watch requires a repair of some nature. With any quartz watch for example, at some time you will require a battery replacement whilst with a mechanical watch, regular servicing is necessary in order to maintain accurate timekeeping.

Casio watches are no different. Casio watches use Japanese quartz movements in either digital, analogue or a combination of the two. Whilst some Casio watches use Casio Tough Solar technology, the rest will require the occasional battery replacement. An analogue Casio watch battery will typically last anything between 2 and 5 years and the digital watches can last anything from 2 to 10 years depending on the battery type and the number of functions the watch can carry out. Some Casio watches contain a movement that will last 10 years with a good quality Lithium battery before the battery needs replacing. It is also worth noting that some advanced function Casio watches require more than one battery.

When your Casio battery needs to be replaced, it is quite possible that your water resistant watch will require its seals replacing. If water resistance is needed, a post battery installation test will be required in order to guarantee the watch is water-tight to its original depth. Without this, your watch could possibly leak when subjected to water. If water does enter your watch it can cause irreparable damage to the movement.

As with any other electronic or mechanical apparatus, it is also possible that one day a component of your watch can wear out. As with a light bulb, some electronic part of your quartz movement can one day cease to work with no apparent cause. Mechanical watch parts can wear out just as they can on a car and will require replacement in order to work correctly again.

In this instance a movement service will be required. In the event that a movement service is not cost effective, a movement replacement can be cheaper. A movement replacement is as it sounds – the entire watch movement is replaced with a brand new movement and battery. Due to the enormous amount of work involved in a quality movement service carried out by a competent technician, a service is frequently more costly than a movement replacement. However this does depend on the watch, and occasionally the original movements are no longer available from the manufacturer therefore a service becomes the only option.

Besides the timekeeping function of your Casio watch and due to the multi-functional nature of many Casio watches, now and again a different movement function may develop a defect. Again, in this instance, a movement replacement is frequently needed.

In addition to these types of repairs, many part repairs are sometimes necessary. Straps need to be replaced, bracelets repaired, clasps repaired, buttons/crown and stem replacements and broken or scratched watch glasses may need replacing. In the case of a watch glass or crown and stem replacement, it is also necessary once again to consider a water resistantcy test as these parts are integral to the case and normally use some kind of water resistant gasket.

It is also necessary to decide where to have your Casio watch repaired. Casio’s Service centre can of course carry out the vast majority of repairs, however many local watch repairers are very competent. Any repairer with a Casio agency can order genuine Casio parts if needed and the more experienced local watch repairer may also carry out repairs that may not be cost effective to return to Casio. It can also be cheaper and normally a lot quicker to have your watch repaired locally. Just make sure you use a well-known and established repairer with a good reputation. Try also to ensure that your repairer is a permanent fixture in your town and not likely to disappear. Many experienced local watch repairers will guarantee their work which of course is only beneficial if the store hasn’t ceased to trade. Ensure that a good quality, branded battery is used where necessary as poor quality or incorrect batteries will last for only a fraction of the time a good quality battery will last and worse still, can leak and the acid contained can damage your movement. Again, a quality watch repairer will normally guarantee the battery for a minimum of a year.

Timepiece Watch Repairs have stores based in Wigan, Bury, Oldham, Blackburn, Chester, Shrewsbury and Telford and can carry out quality repairs to your Casio watch. Genuine Casio parts can be ordered if required including genuine straps and bracelets. Water resistance testing can also be carried out and guaranteed. Many repairs to Casio watches can be carried out within a day in branch. Visit your local branch and speak to experienced, helpful staff about any inquiries you may have. Watch repair London

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